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While it’s
true that for
15+ years I’ve worked as a cartoonist, designer, and animator, the defining pursuit I’d most like to be associated with is an unyielding sense of curiosity.

Just Who the

@!$#% is 



of every creative and professional decision has always been a hunger to strike out for bold new ideas within uncharted visual worlds.
my comic-strip 
from the concept that our landscape is bursting with strange poignancies that could only be reconstituted and shared by someone willing to take the time to consider their design, to figure out how to re-plate them for an audience and make the invisible visible. 

Also, sometimes I try to be funny.
Thirst for exploration led
 me to drop out of college as a
  teenager and jump straight into
   my profession. The same interests     in perpetually redefining my       practice enticed me to return,       years later, graduating from  Hunter  College with a self-designed curriculum in
Psychology and Design.

Every relationship with every client has meant the privilege of stepping into a new world, reading new plays, listening to new albums, eating great foods and figuring out how to reflect back those experiences with love, a fresh perspective, and a bit of playfulness.


Let’s do some more...


MAD Magazine, NY Observer, NYPress, NY Post, Jerusalem Post, Time Out New York, The Brooklyn Rail, The Brooklyn Paper, Funny Times, A&E, Biography, Jack Daniel's, Northside Media, Augenblick Studios, The Jewish Museum, Long Island University, The Irondale Center for the Arts, The 49th Parallel, The Park Slope Reader, Wing on Wo, CUNY Kingsborough, Ophidian Films, and more...

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An interview from BRIC TV
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