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Theatrical Production Poster for CUNY Kingsborough's Detroit '67

Based on many previous collaborations with theater and performance groups, I was asked to design a poster for a CUNY Kingsborough production of Dominique Morisseau's 

Detroit ‘67.


The final version of the design culls from themes and imagery evocative of the cross-section of the state of civil rights and music in the period that the drama is set. Centered and separated by an upturned glass is the basement bar where much of the play is staged, and the characters wrestle with their connections to the events outside.

The type is digitally drawn and inspired in parts by 60’s psychedelia and by German Expressionist fonts often used to great effect in communicating horror and underlying psychologial conflict.

IMG_6479 3.HEIC

>>>-----------------------Evolutions of the design...----------------------->>>

Detroit_67-1 _evolving.jpg
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