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J & L Deli
Where Heroes Are Made

This promotional poster was crafted for a Brooklyn delicatessen that is responsible for making one of the all-time greatest meatball parm heroes I have ever tasted.  The client was seeking something that spoke to their neighborhood vibes as well as their great sandwiches.  To that end, I also wrote their tagline.


The commission came after I showed them a comic I’d drawn while eating there one day for the MISCONNECTED comic series:


​I love working with local businesses (particularly ones that make food) and below are a couple of small works and design concepts commissioned by Luigi’s, the restaurant next door, after seeing what I did for J&L:


In my graphics for Luigi's I focused on the lineage of the family business, creating the graphic timeline below to show Luigi and his wife married years earlier in Italy, starting the restaurant and then their two children who end up taking it over

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