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With PULP social campaign

In my work with the digital product and design studio With Pulp, we collaborated on a variety of social media campaigns. This series, titled PULP, sought to reflect on some of the prompting questions the studio started from when seeking insights on client needs in initiating past projects.  We discussed the importance of avoiding assumptions and the ways in which defining those key questions in the right way can set the designers and engineers on a fruitful path.  To frame this visually, I chose to lean into the Pulp in With Pulp, using decontextualized moments from older films to have the characters pose the questions, creating an interesting juxtaposition between the technologies discussed and these characters existing in a world before they existed.

One great part of the ethos at With Pulp is their interest in going beyond just promoting their own work and agendas to elevate community conversations and provide resources to fellow designers entering the industry.  During our collaboration, with the world shut down in response to the pandemic, one campaign we worked on together was picking the brains of those in the company to get tips that they found helpful for working remotely and then translating them into multi-panel illustrated stories to present to the community via social media.

Below is an unused alternative presentation of the above story in which I experimented with collage.

Other one-off posts confronted the challenges of responding to challenging times felt heavily in 2020.


Check out more of my work with With Pulp here.

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